1969 Corvette Convertible

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1969 Corvette convertible

After 40 Years of Business, we announce that we have sold our Corvette parts inventory, and are retiring from the full-time parts business. We will still be associated with the Corvette World by working on our own Vettes, that we will be selling in the future.
This is bitter-sweet for us, but because of health and aging family reasons, we know the time has come.
We do truly appreciate ALL of the customers we have come to know and love over the years. Being a part of someone's restoration of an old Vette that they treasured was always special to us. We have had SO many loyal customers and have enjoyed talking to them and helping them with their project, or projects!! We will miss all of you!

Rik & Laurie Craig

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When we tried to find parts around 1982 for our first Corvette, a 1969 Lemans Blue Convertible, we became a little frustrated. Not only were a lot of the parts unavailable, but those that were available were very expensive. In the late 70's and early 80's, there were only a few Corvette parts suppliers, so the competition was very relaxed. We decided then that we would start a small business, supplying some local friends and Corvette clubs with the parts they needed, only as a hobby. But like many hobbies, it turned into a full-time job, and in 1983 "Rik's Corvette Shoppe" was officially established. We hit the car show circuit every weekend (see old pictures below), painted & restored Corvettes, and sold parts during the week. Because of health reasons (breathing paint & fiberglass dust wasn't fun) we quit the restoration business & traveling to car shows around 1990, and decided to concentrate strictly on in-store & mail order parts sales only, and the rest is history! We were one of the first Corvette parts stores to have a website (around 1996).
  Now known as "Rik's Corvette Parts LLC", Rik's is devoted to selling quality parts at competitive prices.
  We offer Fast, Friendly Service with shipping daily. Rik's is not some "fly-by-night" company that only lasts a few years.    We only sell 63-82 Parts, and most of our sales are to customers who actually drive their car not necessarily every day, but for the Corvette Owner who truly enjoys his car. We know Corvettes and Corvette parts. When you call us during our business hours, you will be talking to someone who knows the parts, and we can assist you with your order. We are "old-school", as are most of our customers. Nothing fancy, not too hi-tech, just dealing with old Vettes, re-living our younger years!
  There are a lot of people or "so-called businesses" these days, who sells parts on-line, but some don't know the difference between a 1963 shifter plate and a 1982 shifter plate. Some don't even have a physical address, only a PO box! We have a small parts showroom & a lot of storage space where we stock our parts. We have been at the same location since 1983. We are not in "cyber-space", operating only on a website or Ebay, like some others. We are an established, reputable business with lots of experience!    THANK YOU FOR 40 GREAT YEARS!  1983-2023